Monday, January 18, 2010

Making the Mendel Extruder Block

Making the Mendel Extruder Block from 16mm Hobby shop Acrylic block used for "Stamping"

First I printed these two pictures to stick onto the Acrylic so I can use the image to drill the holes.


The holes were all drilled out to 3.6mm then 12mm for the motor center hole and 16mm for the blind bearing hole the two mounting holes were then drilled to 5mm to allow for movement to line things up.

Now I find my first problem with the Mendel instructions no mention of any gear required for the extruder its not listed in the Extruder BOM and to add to that there is no mention of  any preparation required for the extruder motor shaft. What do I do.. now I'm sure its not just a friction drive off the motor shaft or is it..??

Its seems a pity that the Mendel instructions fall apart on the most crucial part of Mendel the extruder. 

Oh hold on it might work without gears or splines as its turning the stepper threading the abs thru.. 

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