Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mendel all Belted Up on the Y Axis

Seeing that the Mendel belts have been halved I decided to half my belts too thus no need to buy any belt for Mendel  I have used the remains of my 0.80" belt bought for Darwin two years ago. I made a splitter from scrap wood broke a Stanley blade that I hammerd into the wood, bit of a bodge but it worked I now have enough belt for the X and Y drives.

Y Axis Belt Clamps 27mm x 10mm made from ASDA plastic cutting board.

Three Stepper controllers mounted and wired Y Axis Stepper mounted three 0.80" 0.5" pulleys mounted Belt fitted at this axis end.

And Mendel moves  on the Y Axis to the sound of Happy birthday I - "Need" end stops fitted ASAP as the switching of the PSU is not the best way to stop the Y axis moving / crashing it moves very well though.

Next Y axis end stops Z Axis connected with End stop then to get X axis finished this needs new a new Mendel extruder heater & element the extruder drive block, The X pulley mount plus an X axis End stop. Oh and tapeing up the spare belt under the Y axis table mount ~ didnt want to cut the belt is like 6" too long for the Standard Mendel Y axis.


fynflood said...

Looking sharp... where did you get the pulleys? I see you're not using bearings. I'm looking to replace the printed drive pulleys.

Erik de Bruijn said...

Are those cast parts? If so, how were the masters made?

Unknown said...

@ Flynflood

I bought the pulleys at the National Model Engineering & Modelling Exhibition in Harrogate in May last year where a guy had loads of old pulley these were the smallest ones he had. I didn't know what size they were nor did he. The others were bigger and some huge I guess from old CNC type machines.
When I got home I was very pleased to discover they were 0.80" pitch belt pulleys. He only goes to the model Engineering shows has no web site or shop so I guess he will be in Harrowgate again this year. Its also held in October in Warwick (I missed it as was moving my Mom that weekend)

@ Erik Smiling here the plastic parts are all the same part but with different size holes drilled in them. They are all Plastic corner blocks for making things like Kitchen Cupboards. The rest is 1/2" / 6mm MDF painted or Plastic Chopping board from ASDA/WALLMART. Full details in the previous 8-10 postings on Mendel here. I painted the MDF and Plastic Chopping board Mat Black so when taking pictures latter of printing the parts will disappear.

First post on the Mendel build.

Unknown said...

I dont really get why you use drive pulleys for other then the motor shafts.

I dont see any advantage and definietly more expensive than a 624 bearing.

Best regards,

Unknown said...

@ Laszlo K

I have pulleys so don't need to buy any 624 bearings.
The original plan was to use skate bearings as I have lots.

I was going to use 8mm-6mm bearing inserts as the pulley mounts are designed for 4mm screws for the pulleys. So a 6mm hole is OK an 8mm hole would be a little too big.
As I would have had to make the 8mm-6mm inserts out of 8mm aluminium tube (I have plenty of this tube too) I just took the lazy route to instant gratification a working Y Axis by using the pulleys.