Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mendel all Belted Up on the Y Axis

Seeing that the Mendel belts have been halved I decided to half my belts too thus no need to buy any belt for Mendel  I have used the remains of my 0.80" belt bought for Darwin two years ago. I made a splitter from scrap wood broke a Stanley blade that I hammerd into the wood, bit of a bodge but it worked I now have enough belt for the X and Y drives.

Y Axis Belt Clamps 27mm x 10mm made from ASDA plastic cutting board.

Three Stepper controllers mounted and wired Y Axis Stepper mounted three 0.80" 0.5" pulleys mounted Belt fitted at this axis end.

And Mendel moves  on the Y Axis to the sound of Happy birthday I - "Need" end stops fitted ASAP as the switching of the PSU is not the best way to stop the Y axis moving / crashing it moves very well though.

Next Y axis end stops Z Axis connected with End stop then to get X axis finished this needs new a new Mendel extruder heater & element the extruder drive block, The X pulley mount plus an X axis End stop. Oh and tapeing up the spare belt under the Y axis table mount ~ didnt want to cut the belt is like 6" too long for the Standard Mendel Y axis.
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