Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Plastic Block RapTruder based on the "No compromise Extruder"

Based on Nopheads "No compromise Extruder" design.

So how on earth do you make something like Nopheads  "No compromise Extruder"

It was this message left by

Casainho said...

Thanks!!! I don't have a lathe but I am trying understand what could I do with it.

I was curious on how to make the worm pulley since NopHead had very good results using it.
I wish I could make my own gears, and make the same extruder as NopHead...

Now there's a Challenge  !

This is how you do it without special tools without a Worm Gear with one Mecano gear!!
Please note you can go and buy a mecano worm gear ~ I just have no money so I have to improvise even more.  

I have another Idea for a no money solution not sure if this will be strong enough.
The big white tray drive gear out of a 5.25 CD drive and a 12mm bolt.
The 12mm bolt is the worm for the CD drive tray gear. 

Any way here is the result of the initial idea.
It will need some more work but hey it works.

I spent more time looking for my other big grey gear like I have used on the Mendel Z axis drive.

This would also work and mean that you use all 5 gears as they come in packs of 5 for £1:50 ish.

Any way here is the first Video of it working time from Idea to this stage about two hours.

With a Beta blocker nap in between making and posting. 

Will make another version tomorrow as another Idea to go from.    

 End of Plastic Block RapTruder Part 1 stay tuned for part two


Unknown said...

Awesome bodge!
I like the use of the coach bolt as a worm gear!

Unknown said...


Its a standard Flat Pack Furniture Screw like one fom IKEA.

Casainho said...

Hello :-)

Eheh, many thanks for this colaborative work :-)

Do you know where I can buy online gears? like the ones on NopHead extruder? (I didn't asked it to him yet).

I have the Makerbot pulley extruder, which I think is good for extruder - there are some test about it made by others. Ok, threaded pulley like NopHead is better but I can't build it nor buy.

I think I didn't want to say worm pulley but instead threaded pulley -- English not my main language... :-)

Anyway, I think I can go with Makerbot pulley but I need also with worm pulley, to get the same effect as NopHead describes here:

Thanks! :-)

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