Monday, January 18, 2010

Mendel Spline cutter for Mendel Extruders made from scrap MDF

Mendel Spline cutter for Mendel Extruders made from scrap MDF.


Its made from scraps of MDF of previous Darwin experimental parts.


I have cardboard boxes full of little bits of MDF.

The spline cutter has three stepper Splines to cut so I have made it as a bit more of a permanent fixture.

The MDF holding the Real Dremel (the Dremel look alike is on the Bertha CNC) the MDF  was originally a Stepper motor mount on one of many experimental Darwin builds i have at least 4 or 5 boxes of MDF scraps like this.

Blogging this while I'm waiting for the second lot of PVA glue to dry.


Triffid Hunter said...

you must use a very worn (small) cutting disc or your splines won't be close enough to the motor housing. the filament is only about 6mm from the front of the motor inside the extruder block!

Unknown said...

The initial spline cuts need to be centered 10 from the end of the shaft for my extruder creation, finding this was easy as running the extruder without splines marked the shaft where the ABS rubbed it.
So for the first set of splines will be OK with a full size disk.
Once I have a printed extruder body I will have to cut a fresh set of splines on this stepper in the 6mm position.
For that I will use a smaller disc with any luck I will have this disk the right size by then.

There is also a stepper motor shield made from plastic cutting board not yet shown.

In fact it will be tomorrow before I do any more as I have just noticed its 2:20 am now.

Midge is still painting sun flowers, I think we both get to involved in our projects and lose track of time.

Unknown said...

do you have gorilla glue there that stuff works great on wood like mdf and it hardens with water too

Unknown said...

Nope no Gorilla glue here ~ I guess it because there's not very many Gorillas around here :-(

Bit of a shame that as it sounds like Gorilla glue is really good stuff. :)

Its possibly banned from import as they ban a lot of animal products.