Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mendel gear creation gears that failed to get a grip.

A pictorial record of gear creation gears that failed to get a good grip. 

By the way the face on the gear was an atempt to trigger face recognition on the camera.

It failed to get auto focus to work any better. 

A length of 1/2" brass kindly left by the previous owner of my house.

My second use of the floating steady with more olive oil added to the fingers to stop them squealing.

Cutting the brass bar to a useable lenght.

Brass is incredibly tough to machine it holds on to it tries to hold on no matter how hard you cut into it.

Cut to a size ready to make two of AK47's "worm gears"

From 12.5mm to 10mm the incredibly slow way.

Eventualy ending up with this

Making the worm using a 3mm tap lathe turning at about 200 rpm.

ready to test.

Free hand dremel drilling lookls ugly but works  to save making a new block to hold the variety of gears.

Well my badly made worm fails to grip any better back to the drawing board as they say..

Thus the splined shaft remains the best gripping extruder drive wheel that I can make

Experimenting with video with a short film on how not to make a worm gear.

At least a day wasted as my extruder is still no better than my first attempt!!

Glad I chose the Electronics apprenticship when I was offerd the choice of mechanical or electronics at my interview. 
Taking a working steam engine as well as a simple dial in adding computer to my interview meant I was offerd both. I chose the right one!
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