Thursday, December 31, 2009

BodgeIt broke on Boxing day and was taken to Hospital.

On Boxing Day my heart decided to lose sync with its other half so for 30 minuets it was ticking along at  225 beats per min. Thus I have had a very interesting 5 days in hospital. Ive been diagnosed as having PAROXYSMAL SUPRAVENTRICULAR TACHYCARDIA (PSVT) this condition is resolved with asprin and beta blockers and is generaly not life threatening just feels like it is at the time of an attack.

I will continue with the Mendel build as soon as I can next year ~ there not being much of this year left now. Happy New Year to every one.


nophead said...

Oh dear, not a fun xmas for you! Hope you get well soon. Happy new year and good luck with your MendelStrap.

Unknown said...

Thank you Happy New year to you.

I feel like I've been visited by Borg with the Novacor 7 day recorder stuck on my chest by the hospital.

It has a user activated event push button on the front so you can record heart metrics when I feel like it.

I cant see the point of the button by the time Its pressed 0.7 of a second will have passed & the event will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it has a circular buffer, in it?

Good luck, I hope the New Year is 'less event full'

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the problems with your ticker but pleased to hear you have a work around. All the best for the new year.

Unknown said...

hope you feel better, and glad it is not life threatening.

Unknown said...

@ Conseils
Yes your right its defined as a 7 day looping recorder.

@ Ak47
Midge giggled as she read your comment AK47 saying he must be a software engineer.. Midge is a software achitect

Its not like a heart attack as there was no pain before or after.

Otherwise the experience is exactly the same as a heart attack. I had more discomfort in hospital from the twice daily injections of heparin in the tummy these feel like a nasty bee sting I may have had slightly larger amounts of heparin in the syringe as I have Leiden factor V blood (it clots fast)

Jeff Keegan said...

Oh man. Feel better. You'll have that device tricked up with printed enhancements before this time next week. :)

Unknown said...

Wow, that came as a bolt out of the blue! I love the idea of Christmas but really dont like (avoiding the H word), the stress that goes with it, I guess my time in retail killed the good part of Christmas.
Glad that youve pulled through though, and I know your can-do attitude will shine through!
All the best for the new year, that shed is a big project so concentrate on your repstrap :-) (that came across wrong, I meant... oh never mind, Ill keep digging!)

Unknown said...

@ Jeff

The reality of one of a PSVT event is you don't feel unwell. I had my first PVST event 3 months ago. I coughed while driving Midge to the doctors. When we arrived I was was rushed to the Dr who called an ambulance. Again as I was taken into cold air to the ambulance I recovered just like a switch being turned on.

As I firmly belived coughting had knocked my heart rate out. I was naughty and discharged myself before the 12 hours after blood test.
With hind sight this was a stupid mistake on my part.

The 12 hours after blood test detects enzyms that show the affect on the heart.

There is something to be said for those men who shave their body hair.

Wishing I had shaved my chest as I replaced the contacts for the novacor monitor this morning.

Unknown said...

@ phill

Aha A PSVT is caused by chemical or electrical in balance maybe caused by stress. Well I was stressing for nearly a week before Christmas Eve due to the B&Q adverts saying from Christmas Eve 50% off plus 15% off on purchases. I was stressed as I had just spent £800 at B&Q on the flat pack Shed. On Christmas Eve we went to B&Q Midge did all the talking we got a refund and re-bought the Stuff. Midge did the talking because I was to wound up stressed by it. With the refund we bought 100m2 of roofing felt. Consisting of 50m2 under felt and 50m2 top felt - I didn't know there was under felt.

To get my ticket out of hospital yesterday I had to do an Exercise Tolerance Test that takes you to your limit on a treadmill in 5 stages.

The only reason I'm not digging the foundations for the 2nd half of the shed is the grounds frozen solid.

Enrique said...

Hi BodgeIt,

In case no one has mentioned it yet, magnesium is nature's beta blocker:

It is safe and you can get large doses from common foods like pumpkin seeds:

Also, halibut, almonds, cashews & spinach have a lot of magnesium:

Some chat about PSVT is at:

Unknown said...

@ Enrique

That's very interesting as usually I would have had some of those foods Christmas day. But we visited family on Christmas day this year so none of the goodies at home were opened this year.

Those links are great thank you very much. I will pass them on to my brother in-law who, is also taking beta blockers his is for high blood pressure.
I'm lucky so far I guess as I haven't been affected by any of the side effects ~ tho its early stages as only my third day of them.