Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mendel stand / base board to keep it neat and transportable

Making a Mendel stand / base board to keep it neat and transportable.

It is not a necessary part for Mendel. I think it might make it easier to square Mendel up. As I am not using belt for the Z axis  my steppers hang down an by an extra 16mm.

I need Mendel to be easily transportable so it can be picked up like a portable sewing machine set up and put away. Using a base board will keep it square and save from the odd knock. I know its a little Belts and Braces once its nicely set up working, I don't want to have to realign it every so often after its been moved.

The base board I've used is 18mm Ply but could be OSB board or MDF its is 295mm x 500mm x 18mm.
It has two side bars Mendel is crewed to these side bars at one end so Mendel can be hinged up from the base board to make wiring easier or sort any problems out like flipping a sewing machine up to see its works. The side bars are made from softwood 500mm x 22mm x 14mm softwood. The side bars are screwed and glued to the sides of the board. Then the base board was painted with 30min quick drying black paint. Mendel has left the Kitchen!...

My time was limited today so I built only one stepper controller so not much else was done.

Nopheads suggestion to install the Google tool bar to get a spell checker works great.. thank you.
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