Monday, December 21, 2009

The Mendel X Slider and its Skate bearing boggies.

Ok so here is the photo of the X slider made on the Second build day taken apart to add some Skate bearings the red lines show where I need to make some cut outs. I will do this today. after the X slider I need to make a replacement part for the butterfly shaped part that holds the Z Bearings. The Z bearings will just be the Corner block that are alredy fitted on the Z axis sliders.

X carridge finished and fitted.. now to figure out the Butterfly part..

Two hour break ~~~

Back to another bit of Chopping board as Ive run out of 6mm MDF.

Design for the butterfly part on Mendel this is four parts that hold the Z bearings two at each end of the X axis. Design drawn on the chopping board yes too many construction lines I know I pay for this mistake as I drill one hole on the wrong X mark but thru shear luck manage to make use of the extra holes.

Note the two holes closest together is the mistake I drilled one of them on the wrong crosover of lines. Opps.. I do make use of thes holes later thou.

Here is the drilling template for the Z drive nuts the holes are 30mm apart the one closets to the edhe will have a 10mm clearance hole in it on the final 2 parts these are made of Oak floor boards as Im going to use 8mm bolts screwed into a 7.5mm hole in the oak it could be any wood not MDF tho as MDF will split on a peice this small.

First I mounted the two Slider blocks at each end of the cut off triangles. Then held the Oak so it sits imediatly above the center line of the X Endplate drilled 7.5 mm holes through the spare unequal holes into the Oak.

The I screwed the 8mm bolts thru the butterfly plates extra holes into the oak.

I then disasembled the X axis to fitt the Two new parts that hold the Z axis bearings fitted the parts the re assembled Mendel...

The whole of the Mendel frame is now completed...

Jobs for to-morow 1/ Square the Mendel assembly.
2/build stepper driver boards
3 fit belts and stepper motors
4/make a new Extruder to fit Mendel
5/ connct Stepper motors and test X Y and Z axies.

This will be an on going post again.. 21 December 2009
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