Monday, December 21, 2009

The Mendel X Slider and its Skate bearing boggies.

Ok so here is the photo of the X slider made on the Second build day taken apart to add some Skate bearings the red lines show where I need to make some cut outs. I will do this today. after the X slider I need to make a replacement part for the butterfly shaped part that holds the Z Bearings. The Z bearings will just be the Corner block that are alredy fitted on the Z axis sliders.

X carridge finished and fitted.. now to figure out the Butterfly part..

Two hour break ~~~

Back to another bit of Chopping board as Ive run out of 6mm MDF.

Design for the butterfly part on Mendel this is four parts that hold the Z bearings two at each end of the X axis. Design drawn on the chopping board yes too many construction lines I know I pay for this mistake as I drill one hole on the wrong X mark but thru shear luck manage to make use of the extra holes.

Note the two holes closest together is the mistake I drilled one of them on the wrong crosover of lines. Opps.. I do make use of thes holes later thou.

Here is the drilling template for the Z drive nuts the holes are 30mm apart the one closets to the edhe will have a 10mm clearance hole in it on the final 2 parts these are made of Oak floor boards as Im going to use 8mm bolts screwed into a 7.5mm hole in the oak it could be any wood not MDF tho as MDF will split on a peice this small.

First I mounted the two Slider blocks at each end of the cut off triangles. Then held the Oak so it sits imediatly above the center line of the X Endplate drilled 7.5 mm holes through the spare unequal holes into the Oak.

The I screwed the 8mm bolts thru the butterfly plates extra holes into the oak.

I then disasembled the X axis to fitt the Two new parts that hold the Z axis bearings fitted the parts the re assembled Mendel...

The whole of the Mendel frame is now completed...

Jobs for to-morow 1/ Square the Mendel assembly.
2/build stepper driver boards
3 fit belts and stepper motors
4/make a new Extruder to fit Mendel
5/ connct Stepper motors and test X Y and Z axies.

This will be an on going post again.. 21 December 2009


Bob Morrison said...

I have been unable to find a supplier for your "Nylon Corner Blocks" in Germany.

Do you know of a U.K. supplier that ships to Germany?

Your Mendel RepStrap solution appears to be the best method for me to build a Mendel RepRap w/o being able to obtain the needed RP parts.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Well I don't know about Germany but you might want to search for "Fixing blocks" instead of "Nylon Corner Blocks"

In the UK several places sell them including

Unknown said...

Also try searching for "fixit blocks"
This returns a few on Google Shopping in the UK

Unknown said...

I posted on the forum the links for three of the Uk suppliers of these blocks..,31475{9372218}&fh_search=fixings+&fh_refview=search&ts=1261270332595&isSearch=false

Unknown said...


I was hoping these would be universaly avalible. As my aim from the beging has been to make an easy and low cost way of making a RepRap printer that any one can build with simple tools so any one can make one without needing expensive tools or RP parts.

In the UK its very hard to find these parts on line as each store has a diffrent name for them. Even when you know that the store sells them.

I have bought them from Wilkinsons

but cant find them on line.

Screwfix might be the best place for you to try.