Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunday Oops This Computer has hard drive Failure

Delayed more Mendel building on Sunday due to This computer having the main hard drive fail... :-(

So I decided at midday when my Eldest Daughter and BF arrived as it was a dry day my time would better spent clearing the garden for the Solar powerd shed.

12:30 - 6pm Pictures of 50% 12' x 12' finished Solar powerd shed area 1 ton of gravel used. Special thanks to my eldest daughter and her boyfriend who helped us clear the 24' x 12' area on Sunday and Midges Daughters BF who chain sawed the 4' diameter Pampas grass flat last week.

Hard disk recovery from back up has just finished.

So I am a little behind schedule. with RepStrap Mendel... Thank goodness I had made a back up of Drive C: D: & E: !!!.
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