Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Snow today means its another Mendel Day

I was going to move the new 1 Ton bag of gravel from Front to Back today my plan has been Snowed off.

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I have to keep a few little promises for Midge like moving two Darwins out of the Kitchen to the garage and reposoitioning Bertha before Christmas as all four of my girls are due to visit on boxing day. Then its a Mendel day! I will be re-creating a skate bearing carridge for the Y axis as I did with Darwin I think... but first I must do my chores.. An on going post for December 20th 2009.

Having run out of 6mm MDF I have decide to use the small ASDA/Walmart 50p Chopping board 50 as it comes with a big one for £1. In fact the big one is almost Exactly the right width for the Print Bed think I will try this as Its easy to replace.

Struggling with the dimensions of it tho as the one I have Made looks a little small. here are the pictures.

TaDA The Squashed Frog External Dimensions 148mm X 200 when put on Mendel it looks to be not wide enough for the running rails by about 10mm. If you have a Squashed frog alredy please could you confirm these dimensions for me.

Drawing 1

Now we need to adapt the Squashed Frog to run on Skate bearings pictorial record.

On the fly Drawing adaption.

16mm holes drilled to help cut the shapes out.

The new Squashed Frog for Skate bearings.

All of the other holes drilled

Building and fitting the bearing blocks.

Bearing boggies made

Neat little Skate board pics.

All fitted and Slideing great result phew..

About 4-5 hours work including the Bodgeing/design making of the new parts.
3 Squashed frogs one for when I have my printed parts. Also X carridge Drawing and trial assembly of X caridge boggies X carridge next.. followed by the Y sliders and drive.

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