Thursday, December 10, 2009

Experiments with off the shelf Amtel processor boards

RepRap Mother Board

A collection of Other off the shelf Amtel Processor board.

From top left to right we have an ATMEGA128 board then an Ardrino Decima board with an ATmega328 chip fitted making it now Arduino Duemilanove.ATMEGA16 Board with LCD display Aurdrino Mega with Mega 128 Board below.

Over the next month I will be investigating the best way to make use of these Boards on my REPSTRAP REPRAP Builds.
The ATMEGA16 will only be used for PID type control or display purposes I have several of thes boards that I will be using in my Solar power projects. It might also turn out to be a nice way to control an Extruder on the Bertha CNC machine though providing Extruder temprature and flow rate date on its LCD display. All the others are candidates to controll a full RepRap Strap Machine.

First I'm going to build one of my 2.1 extruder controllers to get my extruder working then I can begin.

Ahhh just found out that the spell checker is not present on the new blogger editor!! so please excues the dyslexic spelling.

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