Friday, October 8, 2010

Beginners luck.... ran out Warping warping nothing but warping...

Even though I had the Potbelly well stoked up and the temperature in the home office T shirt weather.

I fixed every thing that showed as a problem in the first print Tensioner for Y belt, filament reel etc.

Reel made from hardboard with £1 shop paint brush stand as the core covered in thick card 2 skate bearings 8mm threaded rod and two  22mm pipe clips drew around garden sieve to get sides. Tensioner two fix-it plastic blocks 2 springs 2 long 4mm screws 2 big washers 4 small washers 1 shorter 4mm screws 5 4mm nuts. 1 small bearing with 4mm hole.

I tried desperate measures to stop warping bigger rafts warming the print bed plate up on the Potbelly stove  before printing. So alas I must now find a way of using uninsulated Ni-chrome to heat the bed the other heated beds I made are all for Huxley / Mini Mendel so are too small.

As recomended by Kulitorum this is a RepRap Mendel Fan Mount from Thingyverse

The only explanation I can think of for the reasonable print of the Two spoons print is it has such a large overhang  i.e. it almost floats over the raft. That was why it did not warp.. just pure luck I saw it on the pipe when I was looking for my next test thing to try..

Next jobs Heated bed from what I have to hand without changing the structure of the existing almost working printer. Modifying the code to include a heated bed or using  a Pid controller with separate PSU... making a case to Suround the printer in case Midge opens the door to the cold out side. to prevent this I have waited till she is busy painting in the conservatory.
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