Thursday, October 7, 2010

Its been a good day for firsts.

Its been a good day for firsts.
The first fire in the Pot belly stove yea!!! and now Ta Da the first Repstrap Mendel print  using Bodgeits Extruder Mk5 Bodgeits modified version of Tonkip's 5D Gcode Interpreter firmware using Rep Snapper Host Software.

First here is a pic of the calibration prints or the eleven failed prints....

Failed due to things like extruder feed rate guesstimate was wrong, Z was too close to print, filament feed got stuck, X axis belt was slipping.
The only adjustment I need to do now is tighten the Y axis belt as it has a little slack that shows up when you watch the belt.

Then I can start to fine tune the speed and parameters in Rep-snapper.

So here is the clip of Rep Strap Mendel having a go at printing. 2 teaspoons // tablespoons at once!

Extruder details are as follows.

The extruder has an insulator of 16mm diameter 40mm long Peek with a 4.2mm hole through it with 6mm long 6mm thread hole to take a 6mm diameter 25mm long 0.6mm Welding tip.
The Welding tip is drilled out to 3.2mm for 24.2mm of its depth, leaving a 0.8mm long 0.6mm diameter hole to extrude thru.

6.8 ohms of Nichrome is wound onto the 25mm welding tip with a thermcouple and Kapton tape. Temprature measured using AD595A.

Plastic used ABS temprature was set to 255C


Unknown said...

You should add some cooling (a small fan) to cool down the prints, when printing small areas. Then they will set before being over-printed with the next layer.

Also, rotate your infill 45 degrees and you can print faster, because both axies will move at the same time.


Unknown said...

I will do that next ~ just made a filament reel and adding a tensioner for the Y axis belt.

Still learning to use RepSnapper so I not touched the infill tab yet. Its just so nice to have host software that works with my Hardware & firmware configuration.

1/. MakerBot firmware would not talk on RS485 link.

2/. RepRap Host on WindowsXP crashing as soon as I did anything.

3/. RepRap Host would not work on Ubunto.

We started looking at modifing ReplicatorG as we had just got the Makerbot V2 Firmware to compile In Ubunto.

When I tried RepSnapper on XP the struggle was over!~ Many thanks great work!.