Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Hot End ~ Peak insulator melts~ as Thermocouple fell off

The idea was to have a new changeable extruder tip to allow for extruder die swell tests and a swappable 0.3 mm tip.. but alas changing / fixing some thing that's not broke or applying instant design usually fails.

From Blogger Pictures

So my insulator that has extruded by now over a 1lb of ABS I need to remake it was all going so well ;-(.

Lesson learnt do not rely on Kapton tape to hold a thermocouple onto a heater block.

At least I know the heater block works OK.. showing heater bloc and 2 copper 0.6 welding tips and a brass copy with 0.3mm hole.

Aside from that my Evolution saw ate itself earlier today not a good day..

The part on the Right is all that remains of the blade guide the part on the left is part of the blade safety cover.

It looks like the blade guide a two prong fork thing came lose it was shredded by the blade then  flew around blade cover cracking it and the blade safety cover open and the motor mount is also split open. Needles to say it did fail safely. Not happy that it failed though.

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