Monday, October 27, 2008

Stepper Motor mounts for Z and Y Axis

The motor mounts and he drive couplings have evolved from the X Axis discovery's lessons learnt from the design it as you build it method I used for this project.
On the X axis these problems were:-

  • Stepper motors too small to drive weight
  • Home brew stepper motor controllers more expensive to buy than Zacks RRRF full kits.
  • 5mml studding had too much flex was hard to buy perfectly straight straight lengths.
  • Alignment of Stepper motors to studding drive is very difficult.
The solutions were:-
  • Buy Stepper motors from Bits from Bytes - Excellent dual ended drive shafts.
  • Buy all future electronics as complete kits from Zack at RRRF nice and easy.
  • Upgrade studding from 5mm to 8mm re arrange the structure to accommodate 8mm.
  • Improvise a drive linkage tried using tried springs, clear hose pipe, then used the holes left from a hole cutter which was refined to using big washers, nuts and 60 Amp chock block.
Here are the pictures of the final result of these changes.

From Blogger Pictures

Motor mounting blocks with captive nuts the large hole is 25mm the four smaller holes 5.5mm they are counter bored with 8.5mm to a depth of 2.5mm the plywood is 6mm thick.

A picture of the x axis drive its using the MDF motor couplings made from scrap floor laminate you can see how i needed to cut a slot in the base plate to accommodate the 8mm drive and bearings.

The Y Axis in close up detail motor drive coupling and bearing shown with the picture of the Y and Z axis to the right.

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