Sunday, October 26, 2008

Details of the drive shafts bearings & motor coupling

Rep Strap Bertha is screw thread driven using 8mm studding with roller skate bearings and large washers for anti shake drive coupling.

Here are the roller skate bearings mounts made from 18mm plywood, it is drilled with a 22mm hole 7mm deep then a 19mm drill is used to complete the hole this provides a retention shelf for the bearing to rest on.
From Blogger Pictures

Here is the assembly of the Y Axis drive shaft please note I used Adrian Atkins tip of using 22swg solder to wrap around the thread to stop any bearing wiggle the bearings are positioned with Nylock lock nuts.
From Blogger Pictures

The steeper motors a connected to the drive shafts with anti shake couplings made from large washers a 1/2 60 Amp terminal 8mm nut 4mm not and bolt. The washers are bolted together for drilling and filling.

These coupling parts are then assembled using a 45W Weller soldering Iorn positioning the nut with a bolt and the terminal with a 4mm bolt, spring and nut.

The Drive coupling can now be Nylock nutted on the the end of the Y axis Shaft.

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