Monday, October 20, 2008

Steel frame Kit orderd

Ordered the Steel Frame Kit from Bits From Bytes as because I don't know any suppliers up in the north west, did not have time to find a supplier of the raw steel it was a lazy option I guess.
(I know plenty of places in the South east 240 miles away ~ the main draw back of relocation is loss of local knowledge)

Anticipating the arrival of this kit I used a jigsaw to cut the Darwin print platform out of MDF tonight.
From Blogger Pictures
As I now have almost two full sets of working electronics so I though might as well have two set ups to play with; A wooden Darwin driven by Sanguino and the Rep Strap Bertha driven by the Arudrino.
From Blogger Pictures
I also have a 500mm x 500mm x 500mm CNC in the process of being constructed based on the experiences of the Rep Strap Bertha build. Still using draw slides but 24" heavy duty ones some thing like a 50kg load capacity per pair. I will wait for the new new Stepper Motor Driver v2.0 PCB kit from Zack to drive this beast.

The XYL is correcting my wording from the other room now. I need to get a digital camera that's a little better than the one on my Smartphone to put some pictures up of these efforts.

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