Thursday, November 6, 2008

Extruder notes

I have decided to make at least two extruder's one for each machine, both using the direct dive as Nophead has done. Both will be using Peek not PTFE as it seems to work ok for the meta lab machine.

I received my length of Peek - 1000 16mm today just need to develop a means of cutting it straight and drilling a central hole to tap without a lathe.Also figuring out how to start the die threading the brass rod correctly. This has encouraged me to only thread the part that will screw into the Peek.

I will be using the rrrf magnetic shaft encoder on one extuder and Looking at this locking-solarbotics-gm3-clutch as another little differential modification.

The other little problem on Bertha is to try to cut the noise it makes. to be continued

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