Sunday, September 19, 2010

Connections for adding the Worm drive extruder stepper to Mendel.

V2.3 Stepper motor connections reminder sheet for Worm drive extruder stepper.

Pin Colour Name Function Motherboard V1.1
1 Brown N/C N/C
2 Red GND Ground. GND
3 Orange Step 500ns Step pulse Digital 10
4 Yellow Dir Set direction Digital 11
5 Green  !Enable Enable stepper Digital 14
6 Blue Min Min not used on Extruder
7 Violet Max Max not used on Extruder
8 Grey GND Ground.
9 White GND Ground.
10 Black GND Ground.

Connected and working using RepSnapper yay....

BodgeIts Next Jobs:-

Get Pid or Bang Bang Extruder temprature control part working.
Get Pid or Bang Bang Build Base temprature control part working.

Make the drawings for Worm drive Extruder stepper.
Make three more Worm drive Extruder steppers.
Re-build Repstrap Huxley1 adding presision ground slide bars with linear bearings.

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