Thursday, September 16, 2010

BodgeIt is RepRapping in the Home Office at last!!

After a lot of playing around with Firmware and software I have decided to use the Repsnapper host software with a customized version of the 5D firmware. As I'm using a mixture of hardware on the various repstraps that I have.

So :-

RepstrapMendel is using Motherboard V1.1 with 4  2.3 stepper controllers the original PWM driver V1.1 board.

RepstrapHuxley1 is using Motherboard V1.1 with 3  2.3 stepper 1 Bodgeit micro Stepper & Vero FET Bd

RepstrapHuxley2 is using AudrinoMega with  4  1.2 stepper controllers & Vero FET switching board.

RepstrapDarwin1 is using AudrinoDemiglove with 4  1.2 stepper controller with a Vero FET switching board

RepstrapDarwin2  TBD (I need to make use of 4 extruder controllers that are currently redundant)

I made the two Huxley's way back in February this year when they would have been called mini Mendel's.
Once I finish the easier to make Mrk2 Huxley Strap I will post all the drawings in the WIKI if I learn to drive the WIKI input interface.

I have abandoned the MDF Makerbot build due to RS485 problems on V2.1 Extruder controllers.
I can now build the Makerbot firmware using my Ubunto10.04 machine (Thanks to several hours of work from Midge Ace  in exchange for setting up her Art studio & Conservatory then building her a 4.5m x 4.8m decking for the Cheshire Open Studios event last week and the weekend after next)

However my next most important job is to install the Potbelly stove in the home Office as its beginning to get a bit nippy at night in here.

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