Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Home office is very nearly ready for moving in the Reprap Machines O'yea

With power connected to the Home Office. Im just waiting for this time next week to have the phone and internet connection connected so we can officaly move in.

So I have been gradualy catching up on whats been going on in the forums and on the fantastic Reprap aggregation pipe.

I saw this post from ReplicatorG I was completely impresed with the idea of its one stop shop approch with a single instaltaion of the the Software. How neat .. and it looks realy nice..

So I have downloaded it maybe three or four times as it has been revised from the original version through to version -R2.  Now I'm by no means a Java Guru of any kind I'm just an every day generic user of  applications using it. Applications like:-

The arduino-0012~arduino-0018, Python Open Office all run ok on my machine out of the Box so to speak.
But ReplicatorG would not until I recreated a start up batch file as was once used to sort out the environment variables with the start ReplicatorG batch file hey presto ReplicatorG now starts but fails when you try to run Skein forge as it won't recognize python! Grrrrr oh well got bored trying to figure out what the new environment variable problem is. I will have to come back to it later

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