Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Darwins and Mendels New home has risen off the ground

Not much to blog on Rep-rapping for quite some time.... I've had a few more PSVT attacks (4 this year) my last attack gave me my first trip with blue lights & siren in ambulace followed by some panic in resus.
After 3 lots of this stuff  where they thought It was a lot worse than it was. So with my Beat blocker dose now trebled I qualify for a fix...  Waiting for a consultation with the RF power enginner (consultant) for the lets burn out the extra wire in your heart with a bit of RF fix.

Any way back to Rep Rapping this will be the new home for Mendel, Darwin, two micro Mendels & Bodgeit to RepRap from with 3m high rafters to hang the plastic supply baskets from it should be fun.

The plans

The Rep-Raping half is the West half the East half is the Artists studio for Midge.

What it looks like now
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