Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Darwins and Mendels New home has risen off the ground

Not much to blog on Rep-rapping for quite some time.... I've had a few more PSVT attacks (4 this year) my last attack gave me my first trip with blue lights & siren in ambulace followed by some panic in resus.
After 3 lots of this stuff  where they thought It was a lot worse than it was. So with my Beat blocker dose now trebled I qualify for a fix...  Waiting for a consultation with the RF power enginner (consultant) for the lets burn out the extra wire in your heart with a bit of RF fix.

Any way back to Rep Rapping this will be the new home for Mendel, Darwin, two micro Mendels & Bodgeit to RepRap from with 3m high rafters to hang the plastic supply baskets from it should be fun.

The plans

The Rep-Raping half is the West half the East half is the Artists studio for Midge.

What it looks like now


Freds said...

Sorry to hear about the drama, but hey keep busy and enjoy life; its always better then planing cards and shuffle board.

Unknown said...

hope to hear you get well soon and best wishes from me and my wife.

i like the layout by the way

Jeff Keegan said...

"Fortunately, something happened in the course of human evolution and encouraged ingenuity. Some suggest the mastery of fire that ultimately led to the white heat of technology. Others believe it was something more abstract, the development of consciousness. I can’t help wondering though, if it was the invention of the shed.
Eventually, successful technology leads to huge corporations, research laboratories and great sprawling factories employing thousands of people between them. But the moment of inspiration is invariably a lonely experience in a shed of some sort."

- James May, James May’s Magnificent Machines

bre pettis said...

Wow, this is so cool! That's going to be the ultimate RepRap workshop!

Unknown said...

Thank you

The strange part of PSVT is I've had the extra connection for 53 years without problems or medication.

An attack is more like an inconvenience that messes up the day. However the dose of Beta blockers that keep the PSVT from being dangerous, is life changing. I need the extra connection removed to get off taking high dose Beta Blockers for life.

Slightly concerned about my AV link becoming damaged by the RF burn and ending up with a pace maker.

As it could make my messing with RF frequencies a no go area.

Other than that there not much to worry about.

Yes Bre it is gonna be a really cool workshop. I planned it nearly 2 years ago but with all sorts of other stuff going on its taken a long time to come together.

In addition to the solar panels on the workshop theres a separate 1KW array connected to the house.

Midge & I got half the roof on today. We managed to do it without any engineering discussions. Quite a good result for two software/hardware enginners to do.

Midge has her art work links on linkedin, facebook and she tweets as Midge Ace on twiter.

Unknown said...

Get well soon - I've been on beta blockers for a bit and felt rubbish. Hope your op goes well.
As it happens, we've also just stared an extension which will include a dedicated RepRap workshop - yay!

p.s. I think it's "RepRapping" :-)

Unknown said...

Yay.. Its kinda funny how a simple thing like a 3D printer can produce the need to have more space to to Reprap in..
We are looking foward to moving in now the Worksshops are a bit more than just a drawing.
Beta blockers taken over a long period of time induce the need for Viagra which is some thing to be avoided.
The sleepyness side effect is not too bad as you get used to it..
I know now if I have my evening meal I will be asleep within an hour of eating. However I do feel better having gone from 3-4 hours of sleep to the more usual 6-7 hours of sleep a night.
I look foward to seeing the pictures your new Reprapping works shop.
We will be having a home office warming event once it is finished.
We are alredy booked for the Cheshire artists open studios event.