Saturday, August 15, 2009

X & Y Sliders method 2 is for using Bike chain

After testing method 3 with Bike chain I have found that you must use this method.
Its a bit of a catch 22 ~ toothed belt rus great with method 3 and is closest to a printed Darwin.
However with bike chain the extra weight causes too much friction and skate bearings are needed. Skate bearings and bike chain are cheaper but in the long run you will need to buy toothed belt. I will continue to look for an inexpensive reliable method of making ball chaine drive pulles as this solves the catch 22 by eliminating toothed belt.

X and Y axis sliders method 2 tyring to avoid drilling big holes in wood and keeping it simple to make. Making the sliders out of Nylon corner fixing blocks.

Here are the full details of the construction. X & Y Sliders method 2

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