Friday, April 20, 2012

quick pictorial update Test Jig for BIQ_SanguinoCNC /Laser PCB

Over view of the electronics on the test Jig

Sorry not much time to type we are at Fablabs 2nd birthday event this weekend.
Comments at the preview last night said I wasn't blogging  enough any more..

Oh its quite cool that the first build of the PCB worked  !!!
Its running using a slightly changed version of Marlin firmware @ 16mhz need to find a 20Mhz boot ROM for Sanguino or figure out what's wrong with my environment settings as Make file wont make! my altered
boot ROM code.

Side View of the test Jig
Showing 50V 500W PSU to drive the 4.2A Stepper motor

ie 2 Phases at 4.2A = 8.4A hence a 9.9A PSU at 50V

Close up of bodged together rev counter

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