Monday, April 9, 2012

Meet Colin my Assistant provided by my Local PCB manufacturer about 800m from my Door

Thank you Wendy from CC Electronics Europe Limited.

A quick set of  random-ish pictures of various stages of development of bits and bobs.

Huxley Seedling is still in progress there are over 100 pictures of  Huxley Seedling yet to be moved to my PC from Midges camera.
Part of the full build instruction set for the final version.
There have been many many re-designs and improvements made over the last year.

Here is a quick over view of some of the other projects:-   PCBs arrived on Thursday first pictures.

Top Side

Bottom side

BIQ_SanguinoCNC /Laser is a new project for controlling CNC machines or Laser cutters with a a 3D printing ability.

In fact the first two CNC machines it is going to control here are Big Bertha the 1200mm x 620mm CNC and a new Project the CNC lathe very basic design Idea is to take 500mm of stock material to drill and cut parts  to length in an automated fashion.. (not holding my breath on this idea yet but looks promising)

The Huxley seedling A frames are becoming a universal building block for all sorts of new Ideas projects

60 BIQ opto end-stops made - only enough end-stops for 20 Huxley Seeding Kits

Pictorial guide on making leads for the BIQ opto end-stops.

Click a picture to enlarge

If only the RepRap WIKI was as easy as blogger to upload and edit you posts and pictures It would make life soo much easier!! 

Colin was very shy to begin with .... 



Sublime said...

You can just cut and paste your blog to the reprap wiki and it keeps the formatting to some degree. Have a look at the Tantillus page and you will see the bom that I copied from my up and coming website.

Unknown said...

I just tried this its ok without any pictures it is the re sizing of each picture then an upload of each picture then linking each picture to the text that takes the time.

With Blogger you just upload the picture then select the size copy and paste the embedded code job done.

Result of copy and paste including pictures is this.

It is a great pity the WIKI cant accept standard HTML.

Sublime said...
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Sublime said...

You do not need to resize the pictures. Just upload them and then add |600px to the image string. Have a look at your first picture. I resized it to 400px. The fact it does not like HTMl does suck.

Unknown said...

Aha I see that's a useful tip
Thank you..

It is a pity it fails to take HTML I'm sure if it was easier to post on the WIKI a Lot more would get posted by more Users..

Sebastian hope you can wave a magic wand..