Sunday, October 25, 2009

Off subject as been busy gardening.

By gardening I really mean clearing the ground ready to build the Solar powered Shed/Workshop.

With a foot print of 24' x 12' its a big space shrubs have gone Pampas grass is going though a bit worried it might decide to grow again.

Also some very tall grasses that look like Bamboo I believe it to be a very tall 8' to 10' tall Miscanthus that looks like bamboo that is in three huge clumps. Its Murder to dig up my old spade just bent as I tried. I have thoughts of this rampant grass forcing its way through the floor of the shed.. more pictures of the garden before BodgeIt .

Any Ideas on how to ensure these grasses do not try to grow again are welcome as I think just covering them with membrane and gravel will not suffice.

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