Friday, October 3, 2014

Winsford is the home of Britain's oldest working Rock Salt Mine.

Without Winsfords Rock salt the whole of the UK would grind to a Halt every year when the Snow and Ice arrives... So as a designer and  manufacture of flat pack 3D printer Kits it is only fitting that we have a 3D printer using the local resource as the print medium..  yes a Salt printer..

Here is a taster of the Wych 3D Salt printer for anyone wonders why Winsford has not got the designation as a Wych town (meaning 'Brine Town') is the mere fact the Mr Wins had a Ford across the river weaver long before that naming scheme for Salt towns was thought of..  

rints using the completely bio degradable Local resource of Salt.. the printer is based on the open source 3D powder printer called "Plan B" designed by 
Yvo de Haas. all of the Wych salt printer details drawings will be available as open source downloads..if you like this take a look here and like my page please..

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