Sunday, March 13, 2011

Huxley Seedling is at MakerFaire UK 2011

 After a long while without  a post here is a Short post from our hotel room in Newcastle on Tyne..

A 3.5 hour drive up from Cheshire yesterday, we set up the stand this morning pictures to follow. We are on stand 52 if your passing this way..;-) tomorrow. I've not had much of a look around the show yet Midge had a good look today & took a few pics..
This new laptop doesn't have a memory stick reader so cant up load them from here we will try tomorrow from the show if we get a quite spell ~ it was busy to day with about 2,800 visitors we were told. unofficially
 There was a few comments from visitors at the show about the number of different 3D printers.
So far from Midges walk around she spotted there were 3 Makerbots, 1 RapMan, 1 Mendel, 1 Lasercut Mendel, 2 E-maker Huxley's our 4 of our Huxley seedlings two of them bare frames two with electronics (still waiting for our Huxley seedling boards) so one machine with Gen3 electronics 1 Machine with an allinone CNC printer port driven stepper controller running from EMC2 Linux. This was built for Midge to play with engraving, paper embossing paper cutting  and PCB cutting  Midge also wants to extrude Acrylic paint and Acrylic Media for crafting her art orientated applications.

We also have a early stage Harvester 3D scanner build that is a little behind schedule now...  we suffered burst pipes again this year this time it was Midges house so that has delayed us a little.

Pictures to go here........Compared to thos on the Photo stream our pics were not that good ;-(

Any way here is one taken and shared and uploaded to Nottinghack's photostream (700)


Anonymous said...

I'm interested in building one huxley seedling (especially those in wood) because I thinkit is less expensive than other, needs less calibration of the axes, and yet has a good print space. would you never update the wiki page?

Unknown said...

Hi Pacca,

The project is still in development, curently working to increase the print height. Final drawings in May/June along with the Electronics.
We only have 2 days each week to access a Laser cutter this causes the development delays.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

now i know how long i have to wait, thanks! keep on with the good work =)

p.s. I accidentally deleted the message before ...

Unknown said...

Each of the four machines seen in the picture here were all cut from slightly diffrent Drawings I curently have 7 diffrent versions that by hand cutting and drilling are now all the same as each other.
I have 4 set up with motors and belts and electronics 2 using Gen3 1 using a standard 3 axis CNC controller 1 I am curently connecting up with RAMPS electronics.
I am waiting for my first iteration of electronics to arrive.

Anonymous said...

yes i can understand that a laser cutter can give more details than cutting by hand...i think that the expensive parts of mendel 3d printers are are the reprapped parts and the electronics. You solved the first problem with a nice design (between standard mendel and cupcake). For the second one probably you can take a look at the electronics generation 7, that could be made at home...hope this can help!

Anonymous said...

Any news now? =)

Unknown said...

Building Gen7 thanks to Traumflug and neonek911 and the many others on the RepRap Forum. Im Also learning how to drive a 13 year old Laser Cutter efficently.