Monday, February 1, 2010



Great news for all us Reprappers! I have been lucky enough to be allocated a stand at MAKER FAIRE 2010 in Newcastle, UK. This is the second one to be held here following its success in 2009 which had a great response and caught the attention of the BBC!

I have been initially allocated a 3x3m slot but can request more space if needed. It will have internet connection which will be useful to hook up to other colleagues around the world during the show if necessary. I have until 8th February to submit my requirements for the show.

Throughout the two days (i.e. 13th and 14th March) I will also be able to hold 30 minute demonstrations on how it works and source of suppliers.

At the moment I am just buzzing with the news as I know from previous experience doing computer fair shows how much can be gained. This kind of thing attracts lots of publicity such as the BBC etc. Thus I believe this could be a brilliant opportunity for us RepRappers to promote the project further in the UK and presumably as a result also worldwide!

Maybe this is also a good way for us Reprappers in the UK to get together? … make it a yearly meet up? What do you think?

Current Ideas

Last year someone 3D-printed ornaments. Personally I would like to do something a bit more spectacular to capture everyone’s imagination.

Duy Nguyen had a good suggestion of people printing specific parts and mailing them to one location to be assembled into something … I think this would be good if Reprappers around the world could print a specific Reprap part, send it to the show and then it is assembled into a Reprap machine.

The only thing I don’t know is if there are enough of us out there that can actually print all the actual parts in time for the show? 

I also liked Gene Hacker’s suggestion of “Teleporting” objects as it was what I also had in mind. Maybe the Reprap assembled at the show can demonstrate how it works by printing something sent from another country or replicating one of its parts?

So what I am looking for at the moment is:

a)     To hear from Reprapper’s that can actually print Reprap parts
b)     Volunteers, ideas and suggestions for the “Teleport” demonstration
c)     Submission of Videos, images, artwork etc that can be displayed during the show e.g. could be of those printing the reprap parts for the show! Or other related interesting things? … open to suggestions but remember only 30 minutes allowed for video demos!
d)     Any UK Reprapper’s that have a machine they would like to bring and demonstrate at the show or those that would like to accompany us to or meet us at the show?
e)     We will need to have between 6-8 people+ on the stand at the show so any volunteers to help out would be greatly welcomed.
f)      As much help and support to make this opportunity a big success!

Please note the stand is strictly not commercial so no offers to sell products please. However, I am not sure, but will find out if promotional material can be displayed on the stand which I will be happy to do.

It would be really good if some of the members of the UK Core Team could attend!!!

Deadline for suggestions, volunteers, demonstrators and participants that are interested is 5th February 2010 as I will need time to collate everything and contact everyone to make arrangements prior to my requirements submission on 8th February.

So RepRappers get your thinking caps on and post your comments to the
thread on our forum under General discussions.


Erik de Bruijn said...

Sounds like a great opportunity to promote the project!
You could have a slide show running. You can use any material from my talks:
Larger format pictures are here:
All of them should be Creative Commons SA-BY.

I always have some screenshots from my "favorites" and some tags (e.g. replacement parts) to emphasize the value.

Unknown said...

Thank you Erik.

I will be able to use your talks as I'm taking my projector and presentation screen. Thats also why Im looking for videos too.

Anything like your thingyverse favorites is exactly what we also need.

I have to search online I saw some where someone Reprap printing very fast something like 4-5 mins for some printed Mendel parts in Draft mode. Ideal to demonstrate. If any one has a 30min print that would be very useful to.
As the presentations must be 30min.

Anonymous said...

I am gutted that I can't make this one as I missed the last. Work commitments unfortunately mean I am goig to miss this one too.


What about getting to gether (people send them to you) pictures of RepRapped objects being used in everyday circumstances. The shot glass, coat hook etc etc.

Assemble the pictures into a large montage poster, or just montage them to fill up a large section of one wall of the stand.

This should show people that the results of using the machinery are very relevant to everyday people and circumstances. As opposed to just being the best geek toy ever.

Unknown said...

Check the date - I think it's 13-14 MARCH not feburary?

Excellent news!

Unknown said...

Renoir Oh boy Thank you we both missed that typo.

Yes its on March 13th & 14th.

February 8th is dead line for the form.

Which is 5 days away now.

Been off line most of today sorting computers out for the show and planing the size of stand needed. As we need safety barrier up around the working machine or machines thinking of taking repstrap Mendel & Darwin also making spare extruder boards.
Still waiting for Meccano worms to arrive.
Midge will cringe when I tell her about the date.. though.. Thank you again..

Unknown said...

Oh no it was me I must have used a draft version here not the same version posted in the Forum.

Unknown said...

Thanks AKA47 for your idea .. a job for Midge by the sounds of it ;-)

Submission is sent off for a 3x3m stand.

Thanks to all for your feedback, comments and support. Any other ideas are most welcome.

Mohandsyasser said...

nice projects
your student , yasser from Egypt (cairo)